Last night (September 8, 2003), IDF forces began an operation to arrest senior wanted Hamas operatives who had barricaded themselves in a multi-storey building in Hebron.

During the operation, IDF forces called for the residents of the building to exit the premises. Simultaneously, fire was directed at IDF forces from inside the building.

Following the exit of the residents of the building to a safe location, IDF forces directed small arms fire and fired a tank shell towards the source of the attack.

IDF special forces then broke into the first floor of the building, with the goal of arresting the terrorists barricaded inside – who had repeatedly refused to exit the premises.

Two terrorists fired at IDF forces while they were breaking into the first floor. IDF forces returned fire, killing the terrorists. Rifles, a pistol, and night-vision equipment were found on the bodies of the dead terrorists.

The IDF will continue to operate to thwart terrorist activities in areas under its responsibility, just as it expects the Palestinian Authority to operate against terrorism in areas under its responsibility.