During the weekend, IDF forces who have been operating in the Kasbah in Nablus since 18 February 2003, uncovered an explosives lab and two weapons caches.

Yesterday, IDF forces discovered pipe bombs ready for used on the second floor of a building, which were meant to be thrown out the window toward IDF forces operating in the city. In addition, five boxes containing large amounts of TATP explosives were discovered as well as dozens of containers of various chemicals, bolts and nails. The lab was demolished in a controlled manner.

In a different building, IDF forces uncovered a cache containing electronic devices used in laying explosive devices, written manuals on how to lay explosives, IDF uniforms and masks.

Today, during IDF operations in the Kasbah in Nablus, an IDF force uncovered in one of the houses a large crate containing weapons. The crate held grenades, a M-16 rifle, hand gun, parts of rifles, double strung wire used to detonate explosive charges, detonators, night vision equipment, uniforms, mattresses, blankets and food.

It must be noted that last week a weapons lab was uncovered in the Kasbah in Nablus, which contained lathes used in the manufacturing of explosive charges. In addition, metal balls, dozens of pipe bombs, an oven used to cast parts of the explosive device, a purifying machine for explosives and a British make of explosives, were discovered inside.