The IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lieut. General Shaul Mofaz, praised the soldiers of the “Golani” Brigade, the Paratroopers Brigade, the soldiers of the “Nahal” Brigade, the “Duvdevan” soldiers and several other units, for their successful operations in the Balata and Jenin refugee camps.

The Chief of Staff expressed his condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers and wished a full and rapid recovery to those injured.

The IDF forces have not yet completed their operation in those camps, and the operations are still ongoing. At this time 30 armed Palestinians have been killed by our soldiers and about 200 have been injured.

Alongside the fighting, the soldiers are making every effort to avoid harming unarmed civilians, and avoiding as much damage as possible to their areas.

The IDF provides humanitarian aid when needed and the forces have even been instructed to repair some of the damage the fighting has caused.

Discovered in the camps, especially in the Balata camp are: explosives laboratories, workshops for producing “Kassam” rockets, additional weapons, bombs ready for detonation, and even explosive belts for use by suicide bombers.

The refugee camps will not be a hiding place or shelter for terrorists and terror operatives.

The IDF will pursue the terrorists until their demise, in any place, in order to prevent terror activities and to protect the citizens of Israel and IDF soldiers.

The Chief of Staff praises the soldiers for their determined efforts in the operation.