IDF forces comprising the Infantry, the Armor and the Engineering units have been operating since last night on the outskirts of the city of Nablus, at the areas, which are under Palestinian security control. During the activity, controlling positions were ceased by the IDF and the encirclement of the area has been tightened.

The city of Nablus has become a main terror center and serves as a sanctuary city for terrorists whose main aim is to harm the IDF soldiers and the citizens of Israel. Amongst the terror attacks that have come out of that area, was the murdorous shooting terror attack which occurred three days ago at the residence of Hamra. The “Kassam” rockets, which were found in the truck captured three days ago, were made in Nablus. It is also the same place where the rockets are transported from to the other cites in the West Bank.

The IDF Spokesperson wishes to point out that it is in the IDF’s intention to make it as easy as possible for the Palestinian population. This activity is happening due to the fact that the Palestinian authority isn’t denying the terrorists or other means of warfare the permission to exit Nablus and it is not thwarting terror activities that exit this city.