As part of the war against terror and terror infrastructure IDF forces operated in El Bureige Village are in center of Gaza Strip, During the operation IDF forces destroyed the house of Iman Salah Anis Shoshnie, who was responsible of attacks against Merkava Tanks in Karni-Neztzarim section. Shoshnie was in charge of planning and operating terror attacks against IDF forces in Gaza strip. From the beginning of “ebb and Flow” operation Shoshnia became a senior in Popular Resistance Committee under Jemaal abu Shmahdena. The IDF forces upon arriving near the house, two armed terrorist open fire . The Soldiers returned fire gun and killed them. During the operation heavy gun fire were opened toward soldiers from short distance the force returned gunfire toward the source. One IDF soldiers was wounded lightly With the completion the task of the operation IDF forces withdraw from El Bureige village area. IDF will continue to act through all legitimate means to fight terrorists and the accomplices.

The were few complaints about personas injured during the operation IDF is checking those complaints