Following the recent firing of “Kassam” rockets and mortar bombs at Israeli communities, IDF infantry, armor and engineering forces operated tonight in the town of Beit Hanun in the northern Gaza Strip.

The operation concluded with the arrest of fifteen wanted men who were taken in for interrogation. During searches conducted in the houses of the terrorists, IDF forces also found weapons including a bomb, several grenades and rifles. The grenades and bomb were exploded in a controlled environment.

During the arrests, one of the wanted men tried to escape. An IDF force opened fire on him and injured him. The wanted man received preliminary medical treatment at the scene by IDF soldiers.

In addition, during IDF activity in the border between Israel and Egypt near Rafah, IDF forces uncovered two tunnels used for weapons smuggling. One of the tunnels collapsed. During the operation, the forces were fired upon and grenades were thrown at them. They returned fire and injured a terrorist.

The IDF will continue to use all legal means at its disposal to strike the terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.