In the course of the ongoing warfare against the terror infrastructure, IDF forces operated tonight in the Grara region, close to Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

In the course of the ongoing activity IDF forces demolished the house of Hamas operative, Iyad Fayad. Feyad operated under Mohamad Deff’s direct guidance, as head of the operational wing of the Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip. As part of his terrorist assault against Israeli targets, Iyad Fayad was the mastermind behind the kidnapping and murder of two Israeli soldiers in the Gush Katif area in October ’93. Fayad also engineered the suicide bombing of a children school bus on October 29, 1998, claiming the life of one Israeli soldier, the severe injury of another soldier and the light injury of a third. In the same terror attack three Israeli civilians were lightly injured. In addition, Fayad acted to promote the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier.

IDF forces also demolished the house of Hamas activist and suicide bomber, Amjad Fayad. On December 12 ’01, Amjad Fayad and an additional suicide terrorist threw a bomb and blew themselves up near an Israeli vehicle in Gush Katif. As a result four Israeli civilians were lightly injured. After the conclusion of the operation IDF forces left the Grara region.

The demolition of terrorist’s houses is part of Israel’s ongoing fight against terror. It sends a clear message to the potential suicide bombers and those who support them that terror will not go unpunished. The IDF will continue to use all legal means at its disposal in order to prevent Palestinian terrorists, their recruiters, dispatchers and all those who support the striking of Israeli civilians.

In addition, an IDF force thwarted last night an attempted terrorist attack near Netzarim, north of the Gaza Strip. During the night IDF soldiers identified an armed terrorists cell, moving towards Netzarim. An IDF force present in the area opened fire at the terrorist cell. In further searches of the area, the body of one of the terrorists was found and near the body was an automatic Kalashnikov rifle, a number of hand grenades and IDF uniforms.