Since the night IDF forces have been attacking in the Beit Jala City area. The forces took control of extensive areas in the cities, and captured controlling positions. The operation is presently continuing, and is being carried out house by house in search of terrorists, weapons and terror infrastructure. During the operation exchanges of fire developed between IDF and Palestinian forces. The IDF suffered no casualties. The IDF activity is intended to strike terror infrastructure in the cities and prevent terrorist attacks originating from their territory. The IDF has no interest in harming civilian population, the activity is carried out in order to protect the citizens of Israel, and will continue so long as the Palestinian Authority is standing opposed, and does not do a thing to rout out terror from its territory. As part of the continuation of the operation IDF forces arrested tonight dozens of terrorist activists in the Nor Ashames refugee camp near Tol Karem and will transfer them to security forces for investigation.