As part of the ongoing war against terror and its infrastructure, and in response to an increase in terror activity againist IDF forces and Israeli communities in the southern Gaza Strip, IDF forces operated last night along the Israel-Egypt border, near Rafah, including the Al-Gararah neighborhood, east of Khan Yunis.

In the framework of operations along the Israel-Egypt border, IDF forces searched a number of buildings suspected of concealing weapon smuggling tunnels.

During searches, IDF forces uncovered a lathe used to produce weapons. The abandoned building that was used to conceal the lathe, as well as a number of other abandoned buildings used to provide cover for the firing of anti-tank missiles, small arms, and the detonation of explosives against IDF forces-were demolished.

Since the beginning of September 2000, many acts of terror have been directed against IDF forces. In the past four months alone, 45 anti-tank missiles have been fired, 18 explosives have been detonated, and hundreds of grenades have been hurled at IDF forces. In addition, IDF forces have uncovered over 20 weapon smuggling tunnels on the Israel-Egypt border.

IDF forces also operated overnight in the Al-Gararah neighborhood, north of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip. During the operation, IDF forces arrested 29 wanted Palestinians, including 7 Hamas terrorists.

During the operation, one of the wanted Palestinians, (a Hamas terrorist) approached IDF forces. IDF forces in the area warned him to halt his approach. However, the wanted Palestinian ignored the IDF’s warning, and continued to advance towards IDF forces. IDF forces then opened fire, killing the wanted Palestinian.