West Bank

As of last night IDF soldiers are striking the city of Ramallah.During the night the forces took control over many areas in the city of Ramallah including the al- Omri refugee camp and the town of al Bira.

The operation continues even presently, and its purpose is to protect the citizens of Israel from Palestinian terror, dismantling terror ifrastructure and disrupting the activity of terrorists venturing out of the city.

The operation is carried out while searching house by house to locate terrorists and weapons with the utmost caution in order to avoid harming innocent people.

The IDF Spokesperson announces that the IDF has no intention to damage the government building (Mokata) the place in which the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority resides.

During the operation fire was opened at IDF forces. The forces returned fire at the source of the shooting. IDF forces suffered no casualties.

The IDF Spokesperson reiterates that the IDF has no interest in harming Palestinian civilians, it activity is carried out in order to protect Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers and will continue so long as the Palestinian Authority does not itself take action against terror. IDF forces re-deployed in a Perimeter in the Dahaysha refugee camp.

Gaza Strip

Tonight, as part of IDF activity against terrorists and Palestinian terror infrastructure targets, IDF forces raided the Jabalya camp located north of the city of Gaza in the north Gaza Strip.

The Jabalya refugee camp is a stronghold of terrorists of the Hamas organization, “Kasam” rockets and mortar bombs manufacturers and men behind the rockets and mortar bombs fire at the town of Sderot and other Israeli towns.

In the camp terrorists of various organizations operate, and there exists a broad infrastructure of workshops for the manufacture of “Kasam” rockets, mortar bombs and other weapons. During the operation tonight the IDF demolished 25 workshops. In addition, IDF soldiers raided the Fatah office in which they found incitement material.

During the operation exchanges of fire took place between Palestinian terrorists and IDF soldiers. As part of the operation IDF soldiers shot armed terrorists.

In addition IDF forces carried out searches in order to arrest wanted men and locate weapons in central Gaza Strip in houses near the main route in the strip. Moreover, the IDF Navy struck tonight targets in Dir El Balach in central Gaza Strip.

In the attack damage was inflicted on the south headquarter of the Palestinian Naval Unit. The forces reported a number of casualties amongst the Palestinian forces.