In response to the firing of “Kassam” rockets toward Israeli communities and as part of the activity against the palestinian terror, IDF infantry, armor and special forces operated tonight in a combined operation in the north and central Gaza Strip.

During the operation, IDF forces raided the town of Beit Hanun, imposed a curfew and conducted arrests.

The forces also made arrests and confiscated weapons in the town of Beit Lahia and occupied areas in the north and central Gaza Strip from where the firing of rockets and mortar bombs is carried out. During the activity in Beit Lahia, fire was opened toward our forces, there were no casualties. In addition, searches were conducted in the area of Dir al-Balah. IDF forces left Beit lahia and Dir al-Balah, and are currently continuing searches in Beit Hanun.

The town of Beit Hanun, an area under full palestinian control, is a stronghold of the Hamas movement, and many terror attacks were planed and carried out from there, among them the firing of mortor bombs toward communities in the northern Gaza Strip and the Erez industrial area.

The IDF spokesperson emphasizes that the Palestinian Authority continues not to do anything to root out the terror activity in its territory.

The IDF will continue to operate to thwart terrorism in order to protect the security of the Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers.