IDF forces operated in a number of areas in the West Bank. IDF infantry, tank, border police and special forces entered the town of Salfit in the northern West Bank under Palestinian security control.

During the raid, the IDF arrested Palestinians suspected of terrorist activity. During the operation, fire was opened at IDF forces and five armed Palestinians were killed and four wounded in the exchange of fire. The injured Palestinians were treated on the scene by IDF forces. Weapons were found in searches conducted by security forces.

Combined forces of infantry, tank, engineering, and border police raided the town of Assiyra E-Shamaliya, north of Nablus. During the raid, the forces arrested 13 suspected terrorists. During the operation, two armed suspects were seen fleeing from one of the houses in the village. The force tried to arrest them. The Palestinians were injured and received initial treatment from IDF forces on the scene. They were then transferred by helicopter to receive treatment in a hospital in Israel.

It should be stressed that before the entry of IDF forces into the villages, advanced notice was given to the Palestinians via the DCO not to leave their homes in order to prevent innocent people from being hurt.

Special infantry forces raided last night the town of Dura, southwest of Hebron, an area under Palestinian security control.

During the raid, the forces arrested three Tanzim members from the town: Iba Darbia, Walid Omru and Akram Numra involved in terrorist attacks in the Hebron area, and who had weapons in their possession.

IDF forces and border police operated in Hebron (in the area under Palestinian control H1) and arrested a Hamas member Mahmoud Shabana, responsible for shooting attacks in the Hebron area.

In addition, another wanted Hamas member was arrested during routine operational activity in the village of Amtin, west of Nablus. In all the operations, there were no IDF casualties.

Gaza Strip
As part of IDF activities in response to the suicide bombings and the PA’s unwillingness to prevent terror, IDF forces, including engineer, tank, and infantry operated at the outskirts of Khan Younis, clearing several structures to distance Palestinian gunmen shooting from these structures on Neve Dekalim and IDF outposts in the area. During the operation, the force came under fire from light weapons and grenades.

The operation followed repeated requests by Israel to the Palestinian Authority to stop the shooting of mortars from Palestinian-controlled areas. Palestinians have not taken any required action. During the operation, an IDF soldier was lightly wounded.

The IDF will continue to act to prevent terror attacks on “Israeli civilians and soldiers.