IDF forces carried out engineering works to remove the continual threat in Netzarim junction. Among these activities – The destruction of the buildings known as the “Twins”, the destruction of the nearby building known as “the factory” and clearing the terrain several dozens of meters around the IDF position at the junction.

IDF forces cleared the junction in order to prevent the violent attacks directed at the IDF position, which escalated in recent days. The attacks on the IDF position included massive shooting and the throwing of explosive charges, booby trapped gas tanks, and hundreds of petrol bombs.

Netzarim junction is a key position, controlling the main entry route into the Jewish settlement of Netzarim. The violence which occurred at the junction this last week, disrupted the daily life in the settlement. The IDF warned Palestinian authorities of this situation on a great number of instances and demanded their immediate intervention to stop the hostilities at the junction. These requests were left unanswered. The issue of opening the route for traffic was also agreed upon between the two sides, yet the Palestinians failed to honor this agreement as well, as had been the case in every agreement made with them so far.

The IDF clarifies that the activity at the junction was made necessary by security needs, in order that vehicles travelling on the route could be guarded and the outpost secured. The Palestinians must understand that firing from one position or another at settlements of IDF forces makes it a legitimate target for attack or destruction.