IDF aid delegation opens medical clinic in Japan

IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson

IDF (Zahal) doctors begin providing medical care to Japanese residents of region struck by recent disasters

Date: 30/03/2011, 8:40 AM     Author: Naor Leev, Nadav Shtrauchler

After a an extensive logistical effort, the IDF (Zahal) humanitarian aid delegation in Japan opened on Tuesday morning (Mar. 29) an advanced medical clinic in the Miyagi district.

The opening ceremony, which included a moment of silence, was attended by the mayors of two towns that suffered losses and destruction in the tsunami. The mayors thanked the delegation for coming to aid the Japanese people.

The mayor of Minami was the first patient to receive care in the clinic. He feared that his ribs had been recently broken. An X-ray was carried out by the Israeli medical team.

Within minutes of the end of the ceremony, patients began to be seen by doctors at the clinic. In the coming days, patients will receive a wide range of medical care from the Medical Corps doctors deployed at the clinic.