As part of the IDF war on terrorism, IDF and Border Police forces operated against the Preventative Security Services Headquarters in the Tel- al-Hawa neighborhood in the south of Gaza city.

During the operation IDF soldiers searched a number of buildings in the Preventative Security Services’ compound and found an explosive laboratory as well as a metal working shop that was used to make various kinds of weapons. In addition the soldiers found a Qassam rocket, large amounts of weapons and a quantity of intelligence documents. The weapons and explosives were blown up in a controlled manner.

There was intermittent gun and anti-tank fire directed against our forces throughout the operation. Some of the gunfire was directed from a nearby hospital. No casualties were reported.

At the end of the operation the force out of the Tel- al-Hawa district. The Preventative Security Service in the Gaza strip has transformed in the last two and a half years from an organization whos’e purpose was fighting terrorism to assisting, planning, and supporting terror attacks and terrorist activity against IDF forces and Israeli communities in the Gaza strip.

The IDF will continue to fight against the terrorist infrastructure for the safety and security of all Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.