IDF and Border Police forces operated in the Satar neighborhood at the outskirts of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip last night.

An explosive device was detonated next to the troops upon their entrance to the city. There were also several occasions in which Palestinian gunmen fired at the forces. The forces returned fire towards the sources of shooting once they had been identified.

In searches conducted by the IDF and Border Police forces in the neighborhood, Yassin Al Ra, a Hamas operative wanted by Israeli security services, was shot as he attempted to resist arrest.

Before his arrest, Al Ra had been waiting on his roof for the troops and had attempted to throw large rocks on them. The forces fired warning shots and tried to arrest the suspect. Al Ra tried to escape and was wounded. He received medical treatment at the scene, but later died of his injuries.

Next to the terrorist’s body, forces discovered a bag filled with pipe bombs that can be activated by pulling a cord. A Kalatshnikov rifle and ammunition clips were also among the contents of the bag. In Searches conducted in Al Ra’s house uncovered Hamas propaganda material. Another terrorist wanted by security forces was arrested in this operation. At the conclusion of the operation the forces withdrew from Khan Yunis.

The IDF will continue to operate against the terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip in order to protect Israeli citizens and soldiers.