IDF and ISA thwart terrorist cell activity south of Jerusalem

Released for publication: a terrorist cell suspected for shooting attacks and use of explosives was arrested

Date: 16/11/2011, 1:27 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

In a combined IDF (Zahal) and Israel Security Agency (ISA) operation, a terrorist cell was recently arrested. The terrorists (ages 18-22), from a village near Bethlehem, are suspected for a shooting attack as well as placement and launching of explosives- released for publication on Wednesday (November 16).

Details published by the ISA indicate that the terrorists are responsible for shooting at a Border Police vehicle near the security fence north of Beit Sahour in August.

Several days after the terror attack the ISA and the Israel Police interrogated several residents from the Beit Sahour village suspected to be involved in the attack. During the investigation, extensive terrorist activity by a local terrorist cell was revealed. The terrorists were trained, used improvised weapons, performed several shooting attacks, placed explosives in the area and threw numerous Molotov Cocktails.

The ISA added that the terrorists planned violent riots to ‘lure’ security forces to the area. Once the security forces arrived at the scene, the terrorist cell fired at them using improvised guns. No injuries or damage were reported in any of the attacks.

Indictments against the suspects were presented to the Judea and Samaria military court, including attempted murder, production of weapons, weapon trade, military training, throwing of lit items and more. The trial will commence in the coming days.