Yesterday, the IDF and the Israeli Security Agency carried out wide scale operations to thwart terror attacks. During the operations several terror operatives were arrested and killed.


An IDF undercover unit operated in Ramallah in order to detain Iman Amar Rashid and Bassa’am Ashkar, senior Hamas operatives. During the operation Bassa’am Ashkar pulled out a gun and tried to shoot the soldiers. The soldiers killed him. Iman Rashid was detained. The soldiers found an M- 16 rifle, two guns and a large sum of cash in their car.

Iman Rashid is originally from the village of Na’ama, east of Ramallah. It was there he started his activity as part of the Hamas and was even arrested for this activity. In recent years he lived in Bitunia and escorted senior Hamas officials such as Hasan Yusuf Halil and Jamal Tawil who were detained earlier this year during operation “Defensive Shield”.

An investigation by the Israeli Security Agency shows that Rashid is a senior Hamas official who was responsible for many murderous terror attacks in the past year. Among the attacks Rashid was responsible for are the attack on Cafe “Moment” in Jerusalem in March 2002 in which 11 Israeli citizens were killed and the attack in the Snooker Hall in Rishon Letzion on 7 May 2002 in which 16 Israeli citizens were killed. He was also responsible for the attack at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem on 31 July 2002 in which nine Israeli citizens were killed and the attack on Alenby Street in Tel- Aviv in which six Israeli citizens were killed. In addition he was responsible for the attempted terror attacks at Pi- Glilot and the promenade in Tel- Aviv.


An undercover Border Police force operated yesterday in Tulkarm in order to detain Yehieh Jamal, a senior wanted Tanzim operative. During the arrest the wanted man tried to escape from the soldiers and the forces opened fire at him and injured him. He received medical treatment from the soldiers who tried to revive him but died of his wounds.

In recent months Yehieh Jamal was engaged in planning terror attacks against military and civilian targets in Tulkarm and the seam zone. Yehieh was involved in many shooting attacks against military targets in Tulkarm during the conflict.

Yehieh was a member of the Tanzim infrastructure, responsible for the infiltration attack into the community of Hermesh on October 2002 in which three Israeli citizens were killed. The military Tanzim is also responsible for the attack in Kibbutz Mezer on 10 November 2002 in which five Israeli citizens including a mother and two children were killed.

Yehieh was a central figure in guiding the attempted terror attack of the military Tanzim in Tulkarm (early 2002) during which they planned to infiltrate suicide terrorists into Israel. The Israeli Security Agency and the IDF thwarted the attempted terror attack.

Two senior Hamas officials, Talal Aibrhim Abdallah Rahman Sharim, the head of the Hamas in Kalkilya and Nesser Abdallah Fatah Abdullah, the head of the military wing of the Hamas in Kalkilya, were arrested During IDF activity in the city. Five rifles, two guns magazines and bullets, nylon masks and a large amount of cash were found behind the refrigerators in their houses.

The two headed the Hamas in the city, which carried out three deadly terror attacks:

  • The suicide attack at the gas station in the Neveh Yamin junction on 28 March 2001 during which a suicide terrorist detonated himself near a group of teenage boys. Two people were killed in the attack and four were injured.
  • The suicide attack in the Dolphinarium in Tel- Aviv on 1 June 2002 in which a suicide terrorist detonated himself near a group of teenagers at the entrance to a club. Twenty-two people were killed in the attack and eighty-six were injured.
  • The suicide attack near the Bar- Ilan bridge on 10 October 2002. One citizen was killed in the attack and twenty were injured.


An IDF force operated in Qabatiya, south of Jenin last night in order to detain Hamza Abu- Rob, the head of the Islamic Jihad in the city and the most senior military Islamic Jihad operative in Jenin. During the operation the terrorist opened fire at the soldiers and threw fragmentation grenades at them. An IDF soldier was seriously injured and an officer and two additional soldiers were lightly injured.

The forces called the residents of the house to come out. After all the residents came out of the house the wanted man came out to his front door and opened fire at the soldiers with an M- 16 rifle. The soldiers returned fire and killed the wanted man.

Hamza was responsible for the bomb attack in the “Profillyn” factory in Kibbutz Shaked on 5 November 2001. One Israeli citizen was moderately wounded in the attack and two citizens were lightly injured. Hamza received the bomb from the former head of the Islamic Jihad Ia’ad Sawallha who also sent him to carry out the attack. In addition Hamza was responsible for the suicide attack in Um- Al Fahem on 18 September 2002. One Israeli officer was killed in the attack and one Israeli citizen was seriously injured. Hamza photographed the suicide terrorist before he dispatched him, prepared him for the attack and was responsible for organizing the terrorist’ arrival to Israel.

In addition, Hamza was responsible for shooting attacks in the territories and was linked to senior military Islamic Jihad operatives in Samaria. Hamza, who was an expert in bomb production, was recently engaged in planing another suicide terror attack in Israel.


During IDF activity in Nablus last night, fire was opened and fragmentation grenades were thrown at the soldiers. An IDF solder was very lightly injured. IDF soldiers returned fire. In addition three wanted Hamas operatives were arrested in the Casba.

At noon Palestinian terrorists threw firebombs at IDF soldiers. The soldiers returned fire.

This wide scale activity, carried out during the past day, greatly foils the ability of the different terror organizations, operating in the West Bank, to perpetrate murderous terror and suicide attacks against Israeli citizens.