IDF arrests terrorist squad responsible for recent attack

IDF (Zahal)-ISA arrest Hamas-affiliated terrorists responsible for attack against IDF (Zahal) soldiers in Ramallah last January, investigations reveal additional planned attacks

Date: 04/02/2012, 2:38 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

In a joint ISA-IDF (Zahal) operation, the militants involved in the January 20 shootingattack against an IDF (Zahal) force in Amari have been arrested over the past few weeks.No injuries were incurred during the attack but one vehicle was damaged. Employeesof Ramallah’s Red Crescent, as well as the goalkeeper of the PalestinianOlympic soccer team, were involved in the attack. The AK-47 rifles used duringthe attack were supplied by a Palestinian who is responsible for security inthe Red Crescent.

Thirteen residents of Amari were detained for investigation, duringwhich they conveyed information regarding violent riots near the security fenceand activities against security forces in the area.

The central suspects of the shooting attack include Salih Bar’al, Amari residentborn in 1989 serving as a Red Crescent guard and Omar Abu Rois also an Amaroresident , born in 1989, affiliated with the Hamas terror organization, worksat the Red Crescent and goalkeeper of the Palestinian Olympic soccer team.

Additional suspects include Amarai residents Fuad A’usha, born in 1989who owns a barber shop, Ahmed Hatab, born in 1989, who works as a guard at theRed Crescent and Munzar Abbas, born in 1971, officer of the Palestinian “GeneralIntelligence” in Ramallah, responsible for security at the Red Crescent, alsoregarded as an arms dealer.

Investigations revealed that the attack was carried out by Salih Bar’aland Omar Abu Rois, using two AK-47 rifles that were acquired by Abu Rois from MunzarAbbas, just 6 weeks prior to the attack. A’usha functioned as a sentry duringthe attack.

Following the attack, the assailants left the rifles in a bag at anabandoned house, planning to move them to a new location the following day. Lateron, Abu Rois conveyed the weapons to Hatab, who returned them to Munzar Abbasfollowing the arrest of Abu Rois. Investigations revealed intentions to conductadditional attacks near Atara, Atarot Crossing, Ma’ale Adumim, Ofra and Nablus. These attackswere prevented by the suspects’ arrests.