This evening, (25, January) the IDF attacked two targets in response to Palestinian terrorist activity:

A. In Tul Karem another section of the Mukata building was bombed.

Tul Karem serves as a passage city for terrorists on their way to execute terror attacks, The terrorist that executed the attack today in Tel Aviv arrived from Tul Karem.

B. An armored vehicles parking lot in Gaza was bombed, belonging to Force 17 the Palestinian Authority presidential guard.

The attack came as a response to “Kasam” rocket firing toward the Erez crossing today, and due to continuous mortar and rocket firing from Palestinian Authority territory.

IDF forces will attack targets of the Palestinian Authority which is directly responsible for the continuous execution of terrorist attacks from within their territory, as long as the Palestinian Authority does not do as expected of it, to stop the firing of mortar bombs and rockets, and thwarting of terror activity.