The IDF (Zahal)’s championship for combat fitness began on Thursday (Nov. 18) and will include navigation tests, Krav Maga (hand-to-hand combat), battalion-based competitions and more

Date: 18/11/2010, 11:55 AM    

The IDF (Zahal)’s championship for combat fitness began on Thursday (Nov. 18) and is being held at the Wingate institute. The Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, made an announcement about the championships three weeks ago, it being held as a way to gauge the fitness level of combat units in the IDF (Zahal).

The championship includes the following competitions: navigation drills, shooting after physical exertion, Krav Maga (hand-to-hand combat), platoon-based competitions, squad-based competitions, a competitive trek and a naval competition. Soldiers from all combat units will participate in the championship, which will be split into three groups: the first including soldiers from infantry units, instruction bases, brigade training bases, battalions of the Infantry Corps, Field Intelligence and the Shayetet Missile Ships. The second group includes soldiers from the Armored Corps, Artillery Corps, Anti-Aircraft unit, Intelligence Corps, Home Front Command, Military Police and female combat soldiers and the third group is comprised of soldiers from elite and specialized units of the IDF (Zahal).

The culmination ceremony in which the Chief of the General Staff trophy will be awarded will take place next week in the presence of Ground Forces Commander Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman, Chief of Infantry and Paratroopers, Brig. Gen. Michael Edelstein and Head of the Combat Fitness Division, Col. Dr. Avi Moya.