The IDF submitted this week, to UNIFIL, 27 complaints regarding disturbance from Lebanese territory. Of them, two are due to stone throwing at lighting posts,
and another complaint due to stone throwing at plantations at the city Metula.
The 27 complaints submitted this week IDF, join 348 previous complaints the IDF has submitted to UNIFIL, due to disturbance from Lebanese territory.
Within the daily disturbance Lebanese civilians throw stones, steel bars, firecrackers, bottles with liquid and even molotove cocktails towards IDF and military and civilian installations on the Israel – Lebanon.
The incidents at the border disrupt the lives of the northern Israeli citizens, and their ability to work in the area, furthermore, they delay the works to complete the border fence.
This behavior causes damage to the fragile stability that exists along the border and strengthens the need for a quick UNFIL and Lebanese army deployment in the region.