The IDF filed two complaints with UNIFIL this week, due to disturbances from within Lebanese territory.
The complaints were filed due to stone throwing toward IDF soldiers along the border with Israel, and one complaint was filed because of the throwing of two fragmentation grenades toward the border, in the area of Zarit, during rioting by some forty Lebanese civilians. The grenades exploded but there were no casualties or damage caused.

The two complaints add to the 626 filed by the IDF with UNIFIL so far due to disturbances from Lebanese territory.

The repetition of disturbances, during which Lebanese civilians throw on a daily basis stones, iron rods, and bottles of liquid toward IDF forces, military infrastructures and the border fence, delay the completion of the new border fence.

In addition, the disturbances disrupt the daily life in the Israeli villages along the border, and impede the ability of Israeli civilians to work in the area of the border.

As mentioned, this behavior damages the delicate balance existing along the border, is viewed seriously and strengthens the need for a rapid and efficient deployment by UNIFIL forces and the Lebanese Army in the region.