Following four complaints of rape and assault that occurred in the IDF Zerifin camp, during the recent months, the CID has opened an investigation.

The first complaint was received in December 1999 from a female soldier serving in Zerifin, who was attacked but not raped, by an anonymous male in the Zerifin camp in the evening hours.

With the beginning of the investigation, and as part of the intensive activity to locate the suspect, the investigation team initiated contact with the Women’s Corp from its initiative. Following this, a civilian woman who served in the Zerifin camp during her military service was located, and reported that she was raped by an anonymous male in May 1999. The woman gave a description of the suspect and a composite picture was constructed.

In March 2000, a third complaint of rape was reported in Zerifin. The description of the suspect given was similar to the one received in the former case.

A forth rape complaint in Zerifin was received during August 2000, and is being investigated. However, the suspect characteristics and the suspect and different, but a connection to the other incidents is being investigated. In this case a composite picture was also constructed.

In this investigation, one of the most complex and serious ones ever conducted by the CID, large investigation teams in regular and reserve service, and detectives and intelligence personnel are involved

During the investigation, divers activity was undertaken,both overt, covert and intelligence, several suspects were located, who where investigated and checked by a lie detector, and there are still several potential suspects.

The Zerifin camp is house to many units, where thousands of people, in uniform and civilians serve and work every day.

During the investigation, the team was assisted by experience and data, collated by the Israeli Police and other databases. In addition, there were connections with centers for sexual victims.

The composite picture of the suspect was published in the Zerifin camp and at the entrances in a way that would not hamper the investigation.

The publication of the incidents in public was discussed at various stages of the investigation, with reference to the pros and cons. It was decided to limit the publication and only after to initiate exposure to the media.

The Military Police requests that the public, including female soldier who served or still serve in Zerifin, come forward and hand over any detail or data they posses which can assist the investigation.

In addition, the Military Police requests that if any one recognizes one of the suspects in the composite pictures, they should contact military and civilian police stations, or the investigation team at the telephone number: 1-800-287728.

The IDF views these incidents with grake concerns, something which hampers the freedom of movement woman in general and that of soldiers in particular, and their basic rights.