As part of the ongoing war against terror and its infrastructures, IDF forces demolished today near Kfar Darom in the central Gaza Strip, the house of Halil Abu Samra, who was involved in the planning of terror attacks.

An indictment served against Halil in a military court, reveals that Halil used the building to aid in the launching of mortars at Kfar Darom and to gather intelligence regarding IDF activities in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Supreme Court accepted the State’s argument regarding the military’s need to demolish the building.

In the past few months the house had been used as a hub for hostile terror activities against IDF soldiers and Israeli citizens. There were dozens of incidents where anti-tank missiles and mortars were launched and shots were fired from within the house toward Kfar Darom.

The demolition of terrorists’ houses sends the message to suicide bombers and those who support their activities that they will pay the price for participating in terrorist activity. The IDF will continue any legal means available to counter terrorists, their organizers and supporters.