As part of the ongoing war against terror and its infrastructure, IDF forces demolished last night (7 Jan.), north east of Tul Karem, the house of Ossama Mahmad Ali Ashkar, a Tanzim operative, who planned and dispatched terror attacks which killed eight Israeli civilians. The house was demolished in a controlled manner.

Ashkar planned, provided weapons, and even drove the terrorist who carried out the terror attack in Hermesh on October 29, 2002, in which three Israeli civilians were killed. Ashkar was also involved in the following terror attacks:

-Planning the terror attack in Kibbutz Metzer on November 10, 2002, in which five Israelis were killed, including a mother and her two children.
-Planned a terror attack in the community of Harish, which was thwarted by Israeli security forces.
-Carried out a shooting attack toward an Israeli bus near the community of Einav in March 2002, there were no casualties.
-Attempted to detonate an explosive charge near an IDF jeep near the community of Hermesh, however, the charge did not detonate.
-Carried out a shooting attack toward two Israeli guards near the village of Aja, south of Jenin.
-Attempted to carry out further shooting attacks and bombings aimed at Israeli targets.

The demolition of terrorists’ houses sends a message to suicide bombers and their terrorist accomplices that their actions have a price, which will be paid by all those who take part in terrorist activities. The IDF will continue to use every legal means within its power to strike at terrorists, their dispatchers, and those who aid them.