In an unusually large-scale operation, the Kfir Brigade, several other IDF (Zahal) forces and Israel Police discovered a substantial quantity of weapons and arrested seven wanted Palestinians

Date: 03/11/2010, 10:53 AM    

On Tuesday (Nov. 2), a large-scale operation to locate hidden weaponry was conducted in the Jabal Johar neighborhood of Hebron a city in the Judea and Samaria region.

The operation was unusual for the area, both because of its scale and the mission itself. Unlike most single-target operations conducted in the city, this operation consisted of extensive searches in tens of different spots in the neighborhood. Its aim, first and foremost, was to find caches of weapons. During the search IDF (Zahal) forces found two M-16 rifles, two shotguns, two sniper rifles, a pistol, a missile container, knives, swords, gun sheaths, binoculars and a substantial quantity of magazines. In addition, seven wanted Palestinians were arrested.

The Kfir Brigade’s Lavi battalion carried out the operation, along with representatives from other IDF (Zahal) units and Israel Police. According to authorities, the forces acted professionally and the cooperation between different bodies was considered a success.

It was in Jabal Johar that two armed terrorists with blood on their hands were killed in early October. Both this operation and the previous operation took place in the context of escalating tension in the area, where three terrorist attacks have occurred since August 31st resulting in the deaths of four Israelis.