Over the past few months, IDF forces have made numerous efforts to clarify the dangers inherent in civilians entering “Area A,” and especially, into Joseph’s Tomb.

Entrance to the above-mentioned area is dangerous and irresponsible, as it endangers the Israeli civilians who enter the area, as well as IDF forces that are then required (more than once) to rescue them.

Moreover, over the past few months, intelligence information has indicated that terrorists are planning an attack against Israeli civilians who come to pray at Joseph’s Tomb.

Such information was published in the media and even brought to the attention of rabbis and other public figures.

The IDF will act to prevent attacks such as the one that occurred this morning (12/12/03), in which 7 Israeli civilians were wounded, including two seriously.

In addition, the IDF will act to find those responsible for the attack.

It should be noted that the civilians involved in the above-mentioned incident violated a military order against entering “Area A.” The matter has been transferred to the police for further investigation.