IDF encourages Palestinian–Israeli corporate interaction

COGAT Website

Civil Administration arranges for Palestinian and Israeli landscaping companies will compete for a contract, encouraging competition and financial growth in Judea and Samaria

Date: 22/01/2012, 12:31 PM     Author: COGAT Website

The Civil Administration encourages competition between Palestinian and Israeli companies in Judea and Samaria with a government- subsidized project, setting up a competition for landscaping companies over a contract.

The companies compete for a contract protecting Judea and Samaria communities from the high risk for rapid fire breakouts in the area created by the high quantity of trees. Defending against the risk, a 25-meter area of trees must be removed.

Under the supervision of Uriel Harari, the Deputy Staff Officer of the Agriculture Department, the companies received information about the villages they are visiting.

“The winning company will fix and arrange some of the trees as well, avoiding cutting all of them down,” explained Harari.

During a visit to one of the communities, the Israeli professional gently asked the Deputy Staff of the Agriculture Department to speak a bit in Hebrew, as the meeting was mainly held in Arabic due to the presence of a majority of Arabic speakers.

“The project covers 400 dunams. It is a large area for an important contract that represents a lot of work for the landscaping companies,” continued Harari.

After having proved that they have the capabilities to perform such work by presenting other similar projects that they have done in the past, the Civil Administration will choose the company which proposes the cheapest price.