On Saturday November 16, 2002, an IDF military force arrested two Hamas suicide bombers at the Tapuach junction. The terrorists were travelling south in an Israeli taxi in attempt to carry out a terror attack in Israel.

Two computers, found inside the taxi, contained large amounts of explosive charges. IDF sappers blew up the computers in a controlled manner, the terrorists were arrested and taken for questioning by Israeli security forces.

The IDF reserve battalion that captured the two terrorists is the same battalion that thwarted other terror attacks lately. On November 2, 2002 the soldiers captured an explosive belt hidden inside boxes in an attempt to bring it into Israel through the Tapuach junction. The battalion received a commendation from the West Bank Division Commander, Brig. Yitzhak Gershon.

The battalion also thwarted a terror attack last Thursday on the Nablus bypass road when two Hamas terrorists carrying M16 and Kalashnikov rifles, were arrested. In the past few weeks the consistent and successful activity of the battalion has prevented many serious terror attacks inside Israel.