IDF (Zahal) forces opened fire at armed terrorists approaching the security fence in the Gaza Strip. Artillery fire and helicopters were used to stop the terrorists from entering Israel. In another incident that occurred last week, a Golani soldier was lightly wounded

Date: 20/02/2010, 7:25 PM    

On Saturday morning (Feb. 20), IDF (Zahal) forces opened fire at armed Palestinians who approached the security fence at the central Gaza Strip. Army Radio reported that artillery fire was used at first while attack helicopters scrambled later firing from the air. Palestinian sources reported three causalities. According to several non verified reports, the terrorist were trying to penetrate into Israel in order to carry out a terror attack.

Last Friday, IDF (Zahal) forces opened fire at a terrorist planting explosives at the security fence, in the same area just near Kibbutz Kissufim. The terrorist managed to escape from the scene. The day before, the Air Force struck a terrorist cell near the Karni crossing in central Gaza Strip.

Thursday, a Golani soldier was wounded in an explosion in the same region. Apparently, the explosive was activated remotely. Scans conducted by the force later found more explosives which where blown up by sappers in a controlled manner.