Last night, IDF forces operated in the city of Rafah to arrest the wanted suspect, Bassam Abu Libdah.

Abu Libdah, a central figure in the weapons smuggling activity carried out along the Israel-Egypt border, is responsible for the smuggling tunnel infrastructure.

As such, Abu Libdah collaborates with terrorist organizations active in the Gaza Strip.

During the operation, Abu Libdah and two suspected individuals (one armed), attempted to flee.

During the pursuit of the above-mentioned individuals, IDF forces opened fire, wounding Abu Libdah in the hand and killing one of the suspects.

Subsequently, IDF forces arrested Abu Libdah and one of the suspects.

Abu Libdah received medical treatment on the scene, and was evacuated to an Israeli hospital for further treatment.

IDF forces demolished the house of the wanted Palestinian – after determining that there were no residents present.

IDF forces will continue to operate against the weapon smuggling tunnels infrastructure and their operatives, and will act to prevent re-armament attempts by terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.