IDF forces took control tonight of the governor’s house compound and houses close by, in the Abu Dis neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

These houses are mostly used as headquarters of the Palestinians security services which include:

Force 17, the General Intelligence, the Preventive Security, the Military Intelligence, the Political Guidance (responsible for military and political propaganda) and the Palestinian Police.

Thses services are functioning illegally and in contrast to the agreements, since the area was declared a B+ area, with the implementation of the Hebron Accord.

Abu Dis is defined as a B+ area, under Israeli security control, and the Oslo accords do not permit the Palestinians to maintain activity by the security services in areas under Israeli security authority.

Because the Palestinian Authority uses its security services to send terrorists to carry out terror attacks, and does not act to prevent terror, it was decided to take control of the compound and to expel the offices of the security services from the compound.

In addition, the IDF attacked tonight the West Bank Police headquarters in Ramallah, following the involvement of Palestinian policemen in terrorist activity and shooting against IDF forces.

The IDF will continue to take action in order to protect the security of the Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers.