This morning (November 3, 2003), IDF armor and infantry forces conducted widespread searches in the areas of Kalkilya and Tulkarem – thereby thwarting a suicide bombing which was to be carried out inside Israel.

During the above-mentioned activity, IDF forces surrounded the village of Azoun, in which 17 year old Sabih Kamal Assad Abu Al Saoud (resident of Rafidiah) was present.

Saoud was dispatched by Tanzim operatives in Nablus to carry out a suicide bombing inside Israel.

IDF forces placed a curfew on the village, and carried out searches for the above-mentioned terrorist.

IDF forces identified the terrorist and called for him to halt.

The terrorist, who was surrounded, blew himself up with the intention of harming IDF soldiers nearby.

One IDF soldier was lightly wounded in the resulting explosion.