In the framework of the battle against the Palestinian terrorist’s and their infrastructure, and in accordance to an assigned residence order signed by the head of the Central Command and approved by the High Court of Justice, the IDF implemented an assigned residency order against Qamel Mehamad Husayn Idris, to the Gaza Strip.

Idris was a member of a terrorist cell which operated in the area of Hebron and was responsible for carrying out a number of terror attacks, including, targeting Israeli civilian vehicles with explosive devices.

The assigned residence is primarily an act of prevention, which is designed to prevent continued engagement in terror activity.

It is important to note that this measure is only directed towards terrorists who cannot be brought to trial for their acts of terror, due to the limitation of revealing intelligence sources. The IDF is active at all time, and will continue to use all legal means at its disposal, in order to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of the state of Israel.