"IDF in 2012 is also based on computerized warfare"

First cycle of Teleprocessing Corps’ “Cyber Shield” course comes to an end; IDF (Zahal) is a pioneer in field of cyber defense

Date: 29/04/2012, 11:33 AM     Author: Hadas Duvdevani

This week, the first cycle of the IDF (Zahal) Teleprocessing Corps’ “Cyber Shield” course ended. During months of intensive study, the soldiers were trained to conduct cyber defense operations. Course graduates will be integrated into various branches of the IDF (Zahal), including the Air Force, Navy, Intelligence, and Teleprocessing Corps.

“The IDF (Zahal) in 2012 is an army based also on computerized warfare,” said the commander of the Teleprocessing Corps’ training base, Colonel Mickey Buskila. “We face significant challenges and must think pro-actively.”

Course participants were highly talented soldiers, identified via special tests. According to commanders and officers who accompanied the course, there is no doubt that these quality and motivated soldiers will contribute greatly to the IDF (Zahal). The second cycle will open in the coming months and the plan is to have three cycles per year. 

“Today, technology and the internet are important to the IDF (Zahal)’s operational performance,” said Lieutenant Colonel Orit Tatarski, head of the IDF (Zahal)’s school for computer professions. “This is just the beginning – we are planning to build [more training] in cyber defense.”

The IDF (Zahal) is thought of as a pioneer in this field, and other security bodies are interested in integrating and enhancing their cyber defense capabilities.