IDF incorporates troubled youth for a brighter future

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IAF partakes in project for teens coming from difficult backgrounds at the Hatzerim Airbase, maintaining IDF (Zahal) values

Date: 05/12/2011, 6:18 PM     Author: IAF Website, IDF (Zahal) Website

Special project to incorporate youth coming from troubled backgrounds held at the Hatzerim Airbase, using aircraft maintenance and gliding to instill values, knowledge and motivation to serve in the IDF (Zahal).

“The ‘Wings’ project gives teens a way of life and makes them feel welcome,” said Lt. Viam Kara a flight inspector at Hatzerim. Every Wednesday, the Hatzerim Airbase discontinues routine activity and enables a group teens coming from broken homes and difficult backgrounds to fly gliders for the past year and a half.

“Giving, contributing and accepting are commonplace values at our base,” said Lt. Kara. “The project is beneficial for both the troubled teens and the soldiers at the base.”

Supporting teens coming from difficult backgrounds the IDF (Zahal) created an unprecedented and visionary project in 1979, providing such teens with the opportunity to turn their lives around through a meaningful IDF (Zahal) service. A military service is often the last chance for many teens to pursue higher education and thus a more successful future. Through this project, thousands of soldiers were given the chance to complete their education, serve a meaningful army service, become active in the community and contribute.