During the operation, IDF forces destroyed the house of a terrorist who was an important Hamas operative in the central Gaza area, Muhammad Abu Huli. Huli is responsible for dispatching the terrorist who carried out the murderous attack in the Northern Gush Katif, on the 22/11/02 in which an IDF soldier Shigdaf Gerami was killed. In addition to that attack, Huli is also directly responsible for the firing of several anti-tank rockets and mortar bombs at the Israeli community of Kfar-Darom. He is also responsible for the smuggling of several Hamas activists into the state of Israel last year. In searches conducted at the terrorist’s house, the IDF found components of a mortar bomb. Three terrorists wanted by the security forces were also arrested during the operation. During the course of the operation, Palestinian gunmen opened fire on IDF forces, who returned fire to the source of the shooting once it had been identified. Upon completion of the operation, IDF forces left the town of Dir-El-Balach.

The IDF will continue to act against the terrorist network in the Gaza strip in order to ensure the safety and security of all Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.