IDF medical crews display life-saving skills in competition

Credit: IAF Website

Medical crews from throughout IDF (Zahal) competed in last week’s competition; IAF Chief Medical Officer: “All the crews displayed excellence and the competition was close”

Date: 21/05/2012, 12:23 PM     Author: Shir Golan, IAF Website

Medical crews of all the IDF (Zahal)’s units competed in the IDF (Zahal) Medical Championship last Thursday (May 17). The Israel Air Force medical team was victorious in the competition.

The event tested the medical crews of the infantry brigades, of the clinics on IDF (Zahal) bases, and of the special forces, as they displayed their skills in providing both routine and emergency medical care. They confronted various challenges, including mass-casualty events, resuscitating patients, and using advanced medical instruments.

“We work constantly to increase the preparedness and professionalism of the Medical Formation,” said Brig. Gen. Dr. Yitzhak Kreiss, Chief Medical Officer of the IDF (Zahal). “This sort of competition is the best way to test ourselves.”

The IAF leadership took pride in their victory. “Today we proved our aerial superiority,” IAF Chief Medical Officer Col. Gil Hirschorn said with a smile. “We have the best medical corps in the IDF (Zahal), which is prepared for every situation at any given time.”

Additionally, the elite Airborne Rescue and Evacuation Unit 669 reached first place in the category of special units. “The medical field is the heart of Unit 669,” said Cpt. Hen, the unit’s Deputy Commander for Evacuation. “We developed a special training regimen, and we practiced various matters with an instructor from the Aerial Health Unit.”

But despite the competitive atmosphere, the real purpose of the day was not lost on the medical crews. “Our objective as medical professionals is to save lives,” said Lt. Col. Erez, chief of the Operations and Aerial Medicine Branch. “We must constantly check the fitness of the crews in clinics on bases and in various units. This competition is a tool that will help us to act more effectively in real-life scenarios.”