IDF medical officers gaze into the past to prepare for the future

Northern Command medical officers meet with their counterparts who fought in the Second Lebanon War to discuss the war and prepare for future wartime conflicts

Date: 10/04/2012, 12:12 PM     Author: Matan Galin

Medical officers of the Northern Command’s Galilee Formation commemorated the Second Lebanon War last week and met with their counterparts who fought in the war. Along with recounting memories, the officers dealt with conflicts and dilemmas that will confront them in real time as well as lessons learned from the war.

Chief Medical Officer of the Division, Lt. Col. Dr. Hagi Frenkel led the program. The discussions dealt with the preparation for the war, combat itself, and medical forces’ preparation for future incidents. Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Hertzi Levi participated in the event and said that “medical treatment in battle is a different and challenging experience. I was amazed to discover how much military medicine advanced in recent years.”

Brig. Gen. Levi continued to discuss the meaning of the meeting and the conclusions the Medical Corps draws. “There is a clear learning purpose for these meetings. In past wars there are many situations we can learn from, and in times of peace we must learn from training and discussion,” he mentioned.

Col. Badar Trif, Northern Division Medical Commander, praised the function of the military medicine in war time and stressed the most important lesson learned- constant preparation. “The most important thing is to maintain operational readiness. In terms of medicine we completed our mission and operated well in the war.”

Former Division Medical Officer and brigade medical officers who participated in the Second Lebanon War partook in the conference, and shared the experiences from the war.