IDF men and women defend Israel’s southern borders

Karakal Battalion soldier tells of the coed combat unit and of defending Israel’s south

Date: 04/09/2011, 5:14 PM     Author: Avichai Chaiim

The Karakal Battalion male and female combat soldiers operate together to defend Israel’s security at its southern borders, thwarting infiltration, terrorist and smuggling attempts.

“We do everything we can to defend Israel’s civilians,” explained Sgt. Daniel Rosinov a soldier in the battalion. “Our reality isn’t simple: our routine activity includes catching drug and weapon smugglers, terrorists attempting to harm Israeli civilians and IDF (Zahal) soldiers, and Sudanese infiltrators at the Eygpt border. Our mission isn’t easy, and we execute it with pride.”

Composed of both male and female combat soldiers the infantry battalion offers girls the opportunity for an intense service identical to any other exclusively male battalion.

“Serving alongside girls has been full of surprises,” said Sgt. Rosinov. “All the soldiers in the battalion eat together, train together and laugh together. We help each other with everything regardless of gender. True bonds were forged between the male and female soldiers and any differences evaporated long ago.”

The success of the battalion is evident time and time again. “We recently captured smugglers carrying large drug quantities worth a lot of money,” said Sgt. Rosinov.

“At the crossings, we feel appreciation from Israeli civilians,” he continued, “once a woman stepped out of a vehicle and gave us cold drinks and snacks.”