IDF Naval Commando unit receives new commander

Cpt. R will replace Cpt. S who commanded over Shayetet 13 during  the past three years, leading dozens of classified operations faraway from Israel’s borders

Date: 20/06/2012, 5:24 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

New IDF (Zahal) Naval Commando, Shayetet 13, commander was appointed in an official ceremony held Tuesday (June 20). Israeli Navy Commander, Admiral Ram Rothberg attended the ceremony and Cpt. R took over command of the unit instead of Cpt. S, who served in the position during the past three years. 

 Israeli Navy Commander, Admiral Ram Rothberg said at the ceremony that “Every day the Navy faces threats against the security of Israeli civilians. Shayetet 13 commando soldiers accomplished this task in cooperation with other IDF (Zahal) units, fighting bravely alongside submarine combat soldiers, security vessels and missile ships.” 

 “As a naval commando you were required to achieve especially high levels of planning, training and execution at all possible combat fronts, and you responded immediately to every operational challenge. You took on every mission and triumphed over every enemy, displaying inspiring bravery fighting while under attack,” added Admiral Rothberg, who thanked Cpt. A and said, “Under you command and leadership Shayetet 13 operated as the leading force of the IDF (Zahal).” 

During the three years he commanded over the unit, Cpt. S led his commando soldiers in dozens of operations at the various fronts, away from public eye, achieving impressive operational success, and unquestionably contributing to the security of Israeli citizens.

Cpt. R enlisted to Shayetet 13 in 1990 and took on numerous commanding positions. He also served reconnaissance unit command, battalion commander, and brigade commander of both a reserve and regular service brigade.