As part of the ongoing war against terror and its infrastructures, IDF infantry, armor and combat engineering forces, assisted by combat helicopters, operated last night in the Al Borij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

During the IDF operation an RPG missile was launched toward the forces. In addition, seven explosive charges (including a 100kg charge)’ were detonated toward the soldiers, dozens of hand grenades were thrown and shots were fired toward the forces who were carrying out searches for weapons and arresting wanted Palestinians.

IDF forces searched the house of the Taha family, whose family members are Hamas terrorists. The Taha family was involved in hostile terror activity and in the planning and instigation of terror attacks. Two of the family members threw grenades toward the IDF forces, resulting in the light wounding of two soldiers. One of the soldiers was medically treated at the scene and the other was taken to hospital for medical treatment. The IDF forces fired toward the armed Palestinians, Muhammad Taha and his son Amin, and wounded them. The two terrorists were taken by the Israeli security forces for medical treatment in an Israeli hospital.

Searches conducted inside the Taha house yielded a M-16 rifle and an explosive belt. Once the search was concluded, IDF forces demolished the house.

Also last night, six wanted Palestinians were arrested during IDF operations and were taken for questioning by Israeli security forces. Among those arrested were four members of the Taha family, a terrorist who was in the midst of making an explosive charge and who was armed with grenades and a Hamas terrorist.

In addition, IDF forces demolished the house of Sami Abdul Salam, one of the suicide bombers in the terror attack in Gush Katif on February 9, 2003, which wounded four IDF soldiers.

IDF forces also demolished the house of Mahsan Fuad Alur, a Hamas terrorist, who was stowing weapons belonging to the Hamas and the house of Hassan Hassnin, an Islamic Jihad terrorist.

The demolition of terrorists’ houses sends the message to suicide bombers and those who support their activities that they will pay the price for participating in terrorist activity. The IDF will continue any legal means available to counter terrorists, their organizers and supporters.