As part of the ongoing war against terror infrastructures, IDF infantry, armor, border police and engineering forces assisted by combat helicopters operated in the city of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip.

The IDF operation was in response to the killing of Sergeant Doron Levy on February 23, 2002, by a Palestinian sniper and to the recent rise in shooting attacks against IDF forces and Israeli communities in the Gaza Strip.

During the IDF operation, IDF forces demolished an eight story structure which was used approximately 14 times within the past four months as a post from which Palestinians fired on IDF forces. In addition, the IDF forces demolished other abandoned buildings in the area which were used as a cover for hostile terrorist activity.

During the course of the operation, ten explosive charges were detonated toward the IDF forces. In addition, hand grenades were thrown and sniper fire was opened toward the forces. Two IDF soldiers were lightly wounded by one of the explosive charges and received immediate medical treatment. IDF soldiers returned fire toward the source of the shooting.

It must be noted that during the course of the operation, a terrorist cell infiltrated a local school and attacked IDF forces with gunshots and bombs. An additional terrorist cell attacked IDF forces with explosive charges while taking cover in a mosque in the city.

In two additional incidents terrorist cells attacked IDF forces with hand grenades. IDF combat helicopters returned fire. The IDF will continue to use any legal means to combat terror and the terrorist infrastructures.