Date: 15/01/2009, 8:41 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Approximately 35 armed terror operatives were targeted by aerial strikes directed by IDF (Zahal) Ground Forces, on Wednesday night (Jan. 14).

Fire was opened at Engineering Corps forces from a building east of Gaza City. The forces responded with fire and hit the terrorist who had fired at them.

The IAF attacked approximately 70 terrorist sites throughout the Gaza Strip, including a mosque in Rafah used as a rocket storage facility and a meeting place for senior Hamas operatives responsible for rocket launching, 14 groups of armed terror operatives, five weapon storage facilities located in houses of Hamas operatives, 14 rocket launching sites and a smuggling tunnel located under the house of a Hamas operative.

The Israel Navy supported the Ground Forces throughout the night and attacked additional Hamas targets. The Israel Navy also continues to enforce the naval closure of the Gaza Strip.

11 IDF (Zahal) soldiers were lightly injured during the operations Wednesday night.