As part of the ongoing war against terror and its infrastructure, IDF Givati, Armor and engineering forces, assisted by combat helicopters, operated last night (23 Jan.) in three different locations in the Gaza Strip: in the city of Rafah, in Eskola, a southern neighborhood in Gaza City and in Zeitun, a northern neighborhood in Gaza City. In Eskola, Israel Air Force combat helicopters destroyed workshops used for weapon production.

In Zeitun, IDF forces demolished the house of Masud Iyad, a Hizballah terrorist, who was killed by IDF forces on 13 February 2001. Iyad was involved in a long line of terror attacks most notably the launching of mortars toward the Israeli community of Netzarim, and planning the kidnapping of Israeli citizens. While searching Iyad’s house, IDF forces encountered another terorrist and two other Palestinians wanted for questioning by the Israeli security forces. A gun was found during searches of a nearby house. During the operation shots were fired and an explosive device was detonated toward the IDF forces. The IDF soldiers returned fire toward the source of the shooting.