Last night combined IDF forces consisting of Infantry, Engineering and Armored Corps soldiers entered the Aravah village in northern Samaria.

Within the framework of the operation IDF forces detained six suspects, including two terrorists belonging to the Islamic Jihad who were involved in the planning and carrying out of suicide bombings inside Israel. The IDF contacted the Palestinian Authority through D.C.O. administrators before the operation and informed them of the purpose of operating in the village. During the operation Palestinians opened fire towards IDF forces. One IDF soldier was lightly injured and evacuated for medical treatment in the hospital. Upon the completion of the operation IDF forces exited the village. The two Islamic Jihad operatives arrested are: Mujhad Hussaini Ahmed Abu Gilbus, who planned to carry out a suicide bombing, and Nabil Gomah Tahar Muriar, a senior member in the organization, who is one of the operatives of Abu Galabush. The IDF will continue to operate in order to prevent all terrorist activity against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers and protect their security.