In the framework of the IDF’s ongoing war against terror, and on the heels of an increase in hostile activity against IDF forces along the Israel-Egypt border such as explosive devices, anti-tank fire, grenades, and gunfire, IDF forces operated in the refugee camp in Rafah adjacent to the Israel-Egypt border. The forces searched several buildings and demolished four abandoned buildings suspected of providing cover to weapons smuggling tunnels that run between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

During the operations, a large explosive device was detonated at the one of the forces. Four soldiers were lightly injured in the explosion and were taken to receive medical treatment at a hospital.

IDF forces also identified a group of armed terrorists who opened fire and threw grenades at them. An attack helicopter fired at and struck the terrorists.

IDF troops also opened fire on an armed terrorist. Later the terrorist’s body was found with a rifle in his possession. Following the operation, the forces left the area.