This morning (August 8, 2003), Hizballah fired anti-tank missiles and mortars from southern Lebanon at IDF positions in the Mt. Dov sector, Mt. Hermon, and the northern Golan Heights.

IDF forces returned artillery fire, while IDF fighter aircraft operated against a number of terrorist targets in south Lebanon.

The above-mentioned attack, as well as ongoing terrorist activty against Israel, which originates from Lebanese territory, directly contravenes U.N. Resolution 425, which Israel implemented in full upon the IDF’s re-deployment from Lebanon.

However, Syria and Lebanon continue to systematically violate the above-mentioned resolution, as well as the sovereignty of the State of Israel.

In addition, on August 8, 2003, Hizballah fired shells from Lebanese territory towards the western sector of the Israel-Lebanon border. Over the past few weeks, Hizballah has fired anti-aircraft shells from Lebanese territory at Israeli communties under the guise of anti-aircraft fire.

This past week, four Israeli civilians were wounded, while an additional seven civilians received medical treatment after suffering shock from shelling attacks along the northern border.

The IDF views the above-mentioned attacks against Israeli northern communities seriously, and considers them terror attacks. The IDF will continue to operate against terrorism and terrorist organizations that threaten the citizens of the State of Israel.