IDF Ready To Use New APC’S

New series of APC’s have arrived for use by the Engeneering Corps.

Date: 14/06/2009, 4:37 PM    

After the decision to incorporate the Leopard Armoured Personal Carrier into the Ground Forces as part of the Spur Arrow system the new series of APC’s called Puma have arrived for use by the Engeneering Corps.

The Puma’s defense system not only protects the APC itself from misslie threats, but it also protects the forces sourrounding the vehicle.

The Ground Forces have expressed satisfaction after trial runs during field experiments conducted by a division from the Armored Corps under the defense system Windbreaker, which is intended to protect the Merkava 4 tanks from missiles. As part of the tests, the system succesfully disarmed all threats and was able to protect the vehicles effectively.

The Windbreaker, made by Israeli company Rafael, was able to neutralize a variety of threats in a short period of time, making it possible to intercept missiles from very short distances as well.

The Spur Arrow system, which is now in its advanced stages of development, also features the Windbreaker capability, which will be utilized in the future to protect infantry soldiers during combat.